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Virtual Training  Half hour and Hour rates available.  Contact for pricing.

One-on-One In Person Sessions 1 hour


10 sessions $80/Hr

20 sessions $75/Hr

             $45/Half Hour

   Travel time  Extra   $5.00 up to 10kms  

                                        $10.00 up to 15kms

Bootcamps   Minimum 6 people/Maximum 10 people @

$15/Hr each   +  Travel time (see above)

Never worked with a Personal Trainer before?

What to expect your 1st Session:


Initial Physical Assessment (Just for baseline, no pressure) :)

Program building

I always find it best to talk on the phone or meet up to feel things out and see what we can make work.  It's important that there is a connection.  The trainer client relationship is a special one.  

 If you are not headed in the direction you want to go, call me and let's get you pointed and moving in the right direction.

          Today is always the day to change your life.




                             Wellness/Life Coaching, 
                             Monthly check ins, 
                             On-line training, 
                             Nutrition coaching, etc



How much is a healthy fit body worth to you?


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